Throughout the summer, the Trinity KIDS Ministry gets together for special Friday events designed to build friendships and enjoy fellowship.  This summer, we had one each month of May, June and July.  We had a Movie Night in May where we watched Spies in Disguise and enjoyed snacks and laughs.  We learned that we are also spies in disguise; changed on the inside but not so noticeable on the outside, we can use love and mercy to change the world around us.

In June, our kids got together to build Legos and memories.  Pizza, Legos and snacks were a great way to spend a Friday evening.  We discussed how we each have the same building blocks (like the same bags of Legos) but what we create with them is unique to each of us as God helps us make something amazing with the gifts He has given us.









Finally, in July, we prepared individual family meals and discovered we all have a place at God’s table.  We made charcuterie boards – a painting with food – and talked about the importance of spending time at the table, just like the disciples did.  They laughed and chatted with Jesus as they broke bread together. Jesus made time for supper with his friends and family and so should we.  Time spent around the table with friends and family is very important time indeed.

There are plans in the works to explore the stars at Roper Mountain Science Center in September.  It is important to grow and share our faith together.  Like a puzzle, our individual pieces become a bigger picture of God’s love when we begin to fit them together.  All are invited to participate in these events and bring a friend or two or three…