Here are a few of the ways one can serve locally.

AIM (Anderson Interfaith Ministries): AIM was created by churches to eliminate duplication of assistance to those in need.  It has a “hand up, not a handout” philosophy.  We partner with AIM in providing monetary resources, wood ministry, WACS (Women and Children Succeeding), and our newest connection with them, the Fortson Home Ministry.
Family Promise: We join with other churches providing housing and meals four times a year to families.  Family Promise also provides the necessary tools to help families get on their feet.
Fortson Home Fridays: We partner with AIM as we adopt this community to pick up weekend food packs from AIM and deliver and distribute them on Friday.  While at Fortson Homes, our members will provide Friday lunch for the children there and offer them special activities of games and crafts that revolve around a theme.  Our goal is to build a relationship with this community.
Mercy Center:  Known as the South Main Chapel and Mercy Center, it partners with churches and other non-profit organizations to offer services of worship and caring (food, medicine, counseling, etc.) for the various needs of those in our community.  
Weekend Snackpack:  Our members gather several times a year at the food distribution center to assemble food packs that are given to children on Fridays so they will have food for the weekend.
WACS: This ministry of AIM – Women and Children Succeeding – gives women who are raising their families the opportunity to attend programs, receive counseling, and meet basic needs.  Churches partner with them and once a year we host their program and offer a meal.
Wood Ministry: Many of our men partner with others in the community to cut down trees and cut wood for provide to AIM for families who need it for heat in winter, and build ramps for those who otherwise could not afford them to enable access to their homes.