If you are a long-time member reading this – THANK YOU.  Thank you for helping to build the strong foundation on which our church has become #TRINITYSTRONG.  If you are a newer member, thank you for your commitment to continue the #TRINITYSTRONG vibe that our church family shares.  Trinity UMC of Anderson has a strong, but likely understated, presence and legacy in our community.  Our plan is to have a campaign that will strengthen our financial abilities to serve, nurture every church members’ involvement and enthusiasm, and deepen our presence in the community as we seek to broaden our reach and service. 

What specifically are our goals and how can YOU be a part of the success?  Glad you asked!  We plan to PAY OFF THE MORTGAGE FOR OUR CHURCH!  Given today’s economic environment and high interest rates, being debt-free is HUGE as we practice financial responsibility.  The other part of our goal is to build operating reserves, so that we continue to have the resources necessary to maintain and grow #TRINITYSTRONG both for our members and for our community.  PLEDGE cards are available at worship entrances and in the church office. You may also access the direct online #TRINITYSTRONG giving page below.

Over the next several weeks and months, you will continue to see #TRINITYSTRONG in our messaging, as we embark on a campaign that will continue the Legacy Building in our Community, as we strive to do all things for the Glory of God.  Thank you again for all that you have been and will be for our church – we ARE #TRINITYSTRONG!

To submit your gift to the #TRINITYSTRONG campaign, please click below: