These three-to-six-week studies are offered periodically throughout the year.  Some of our most recent studies have included books such as “Renegade Gospel” written by Mike Slaughter, “The Wesley Prayer Challenge” written by Chris Folmsbee, United Methodism which was led by our pastor, and Half-Truths by Adam Hamilton.

New Bible Study

“Sermon on the Mount”

written by Amy-Jill Levine
Begins February 6                         Sign Up by January 30


      Taught by Steve Graham, he will lead this study which focuses on the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7,  which contains some of Jesus most profound and most memorable teachings. What might these teachings have meant to his disciples, and to the others who first heard them?  How do they enhance our reading of the rest of the Gospel of Matthew, and how do they speak across the centuries to listeners today? How, if we pay careful attention to his words, does Jesus provide us a road map to living as God would have us live?
      Author Dr. Amy-Jill Levine introduces the major topics in the Sermon on the Mount, explains historical and theological contexts, and shows how the words of Jesus echo his Jewish tradition and speak forward to reach hearts and minds today.
     Cost for the book is $14.00.  The study is a six-week study beginning February 6 at 3 pm in the Hope Class Room (Room #114 near sanctuary).