Our children’s Wednesday evening fellowships (6:15 – 7:30) are scheduled to coincide with our Wednesday Evening Prime Time Live (PTL) Suppers. (January – April 2023, Fall – TBD) We take a break during the summer and a winter break for a little downtime.
Come check out our weekly Sunday School classes to fill up every week. 

Our theme this year is Bees. We are learning how to Bee a Disciple.

Sunday school classes are available for all children at Trinity.  

During Sunday School, our children feel God’s love as they learn about their place in God’s story!  

Sunday School begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 10:55 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

The Sunday School classrooms are:

    • Infant/Toddler Nursery – 2 year old and under
    • Room 110 – 3k-5k 
    • Room 208 –  Music/Assembly Room (1st – 5th Grade)
    • Room 206 – Science Lab (1st – 5th Grade)
    • Room 211 – Kid’s Café and Art Center (1st – 5th Grade)

Children in First through Fifth Grade gather in Room 208 for assembly time before heading to the area designated  for the weekly lesson.  We focus on one story each month and study it through hearing the story, experiencing a science experiment, creating a craft and making a snack that ties in with the story.  

Our lessons for 2023 are:

January: Bee a Friend 

February: The Bee-atitudes

March: Bee Prepared (Matt: 25:1-13 Oil Lamps)

April: Bee Amazed (Easter Story)

May: Bee Forgiving (Genesis 37-50 Joseph)

June: Bee Confident (Judges 6:11-8:32 Gideon)

July: Bee Strong (Samson)

August: Bee Kind (Ruth)

September: Bee Unique (Hezekiah)

October: Bee Courageous (1 Samuel 25 Abigail)

November: Bee Grateful, Bee Generous (4 Great-ful Stories of Generosity)

December: Bee Excited (Jesus’ Birth)